Glass Plates

The Artisan’s Denizen in Cameron Park has selected my glass work to be shown and sold to the public.

The Artisan’s Denizen is located at 3300 Coach Lane in Cameron Park, in the famous Burke’s Junction Center.

The building is out in front, to the right, where the train can also be boarded when it is running.



Look high!  Above the back space are my fused wall hanging glass vases.  Each made from recycled glass and each is unique. A hanging wall vase makes for a creative gift.

Fused glass

Near the middle of the shop is a good variety of fused glass plates.


In the front window of the Artist’s Denizen a couple of my larger fused glass pieces can be seen.  To the left is an orange cat plate.  To the right is a glass plate with faces on it.  The piece is fantastic and not nearly done justice by the picture.  The glass was fused from broken window glass and creates a very interesting effect.


Artwork Shown at Artisans Denizen in Cameron Park

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